Kunst ist

at the night of art

fol­low­ing artists of art.is! take part on the night of art on Georg-Schu­mann-Str. at 02.09.2017:

  • Gerd Bek­ker: Glashaus am Viadukt, Georg-Schu­mann-Str. 294
  • Heike Kitzinger: Im Turm-Ateli­er, Lützowstr. 34
  • Christa Manz-De­wald: In the Turm-Ateli­er, Lützowstr. 34
  • Kai Meier: Glashaus am Viadukt, Georg-Schu­mann-Str. 294
  • Günter Meinl: In the Turm-Ateli­er, Lützowstr. 34
  • Mi­chael Schreck­en­ber­ger: loc­a­tion still open

Bernhard Berres takes part in the de­bate "What sup­port and free­dom needs art in Leipzig" as a con­ver­sa­tion part­ner. The dis­cus­sion takes place in the JEDERMANNS, the SPD-Bür­ger­büro in Georg-Schu­mann-Str. 133 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.

The night of art will take place for the sev­enth time at Georg-Schu­mann-Str. From the Chaussee­haus to the Town Hall Wahren, art is dis­played in res­cuing build­ings, in of­fices, shops, cafes, back­yards and on the street.

The night of art in 2017 is already his­tory.

In ad­di­tion to a wide range of fine art, with more than 150 par­ti­cipants, there has been also many per­form­ances.

With an es­tim­ated 3-4,000 vis­it­ors the NdK 2017 was sim­il­arly well vis­ited as in pre­vi­ous years. A wide range of food and drink sup­ple­men­ted the art and provided the vis­it­ors on the al­most four-kilo­met­er-long route between the

Turm-Ateli­er in Gohlis and the loc­a­tions in Wahren.