The Leipzig-based artist, who came to art in a round­about way and since then has been giv­ing her works to the pub­lic as a con­vinced auto­di­dact, wants to stim­u­late, ex­cite.

By com­bin­ing such con­tra­dict­ory ma­ter­i­als as wood with brass, felt with lead, bones with vel­vet, poly­styrene with tin­plate ... she can cause very idio­syn­crat­ic and in­de­pend­ent ef­fects.

The life of their own, which de­vel­ops these ma­ter­i­als, is a great chal­lenge not only to the artist­ic in­tu­ition, but also to the tech­nic­al skills of the ma­ter­i­al artist. Her vis­ion of an ob­ject must al­ways be pen­et­rated by the strong sen­su­al and mean­ing­ful prop­er­ties of the sub­stances it uses.

De­vi­at­ing from the trend to­wards dis­pos­able art, she re­lies on elab­or­ate pro­cessing of her di­verse ma­ter­i­als.

Her works should be mean­ing­ful and sen­su­al, tan­gible, power­ful and com­plex as life.

​Artist's hat

Fleas! ..... There they sit!
Look! ..... There they are!
Hard to con­trol, the wild hunt .....
Do you hear her laugh?
Thoughts fleas.
What else does the artist need his hat for .....

Helga Mat­tern

lives                   since 1951
fin­ished             in 1970 her ap­pren­tice­ship as a cab­in­et­maker with a high school dip­loma
                           in 1975 her stud­ies as Dipl.-Ing. for wood tech­no­logy
works                as a tech­no­lo­gist in piano and fur­niture pro­duc­tion
de­vel­ops           re­search mod­els and wooden toys for med­ic­al pur­poses
com­pletes        ad­di­tion­al train­ing in busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion and mar­ket­ing
brings                in 1998 her pas­sions, ex­per­i­ences and skills to­geth­er on a freel­ance level
ap­pre­ci­ates      open­ness, hon­esty, com­pas­sion and in­de­pend­ent think­ing
aging                 hope­fully slowly