Kunst ist

at the night of art

The night of art will take place for the el­ev­enth time at Georg-Schu­mann-Str. From the Chaussee­haus to the Town Hall Wahren, art is dis­played in res­cuing build­ings, in of­fices, shops, cafes, back­yards and on the street

Places: see fol­low­ing
Time: 04.09.2021 | 4 pm to 12 pm


Gerd Bek­ker

at night of art at

Gohliser Str. 20
04155 Leipzig

Kopfschmuck von Heike Kitzinger

Heike Kitzinger

at night of art at

Turm - Ateli­er and Stu­dio
Lützowstr. 34
04155 Leipzig

> 1900 < von Ingolf Riemer

In­golf Riemer

at night of art at

Ateli­er Riemer
Blu­men­str. 53
04155 Leipzig

Frisch Planiert
>Frisch Planiert< von Michael Schreckenberger

Mi­chael Schreck­en­ber­ger

Con­struct free space

Spring 2020. Lock­down. Re­think­ing for the Leipzig artist Mi­chael Schreck­en­ber­ger. Not in­ev­it­able, but with the tem­por­ar­ily closed Galer­ie am Brühl, work in the stu­dio is also tak­ing a back seat for him. He sets pri­or­it­ies, de­votes him­self to what is pos­sible: the com­mis­sioned work, the facade design in the fresh air. He cre­ates space for him­self and his art.

The them­at­ic ori­ent­a­tion of his latest paint­ings is not sur­pris­ing. After all, we have be­come very sens­it­ive to our in­di­vidu­al free­dom in the last few months. We ac­tu­ally as­sume them, they seem highly plaus­ible to us, we al­most feel a right to them. Restric­tion and with­draw­al, on the other hand, dis­ap­point, annoy, hurt, frus­trate and feel un­at­tract­ive. Schreck­en­ber­ger plays with free spaces, cap­tures them on the can­vas - as para­dox­ic­al as this may sound.

In a lim­ited pic­ture space, the co­her­ence between the quite di­verse pic­ture ob­jects then be­comes a chal­lenge. He has to help with cre­at­ive means, for­cing it into com­pos­i­tion. The proven bar­ri­er tape helps. But it doesn’t just lash to­geth­er what doesn’t really fit. He con­sciously con­fronts it. The bar­ri­er tape has re­cently and in­ev­it­ably cel­eb­rated the boom, is un­com­fort­ably fa­mil­i­ar to us be­cause it in­ter­feres with our real­ity and can re­design or even take away spaces.

Schreck­en­ber­ger quite con­sciously de­mands dis­tance. After all, it is the dis­tance to the sub­ject that makes an ex­per­i­ence pos­sible at all. It is only when we step back that we can per­ceive open spaces as un­nat­ur­al. It is the change of per­spect­ive that ex­poses them, soon makes them ap­pear ab­surd and selfish.

His ex­hib­i­tion on the night of art is the first solo ex­hib­i­tion this year. Above all, there will be paint­ings: fant­ast­ic, real­ist­ic and 100% con­tem­por­ary.

The ex­hib­i­tion is su­per­vised through­out. Mi­chael will be there from 8:00 p.m.