The fol­low­ing Artists of KUNST.IST! take part at the fair NEW ArT 19 in Dres­den:

  • Gerd Bek­ker (KUNST.IST!)
  • Bernhard Berres / erot­icARTist / finared-FineArtEdi­tion / KUNST.IST!
  • Marco Jüttner (own place)
  • Peter Paul Lorenz (KUNST.IST!)
  • Christa Manz-De­wald (KUNST.IST!)
  • Helga Mat­tern (KUNST.IST!)
  • Günter Meinl (KUNST.IST!)
  • Gabi Mess­er­schmidt (KUNST.IST!)
  • In­golf Riemer (KUNST.IST!)
  • Christina Sch­neider (KUNST.IST!)
  • Mi­chael Schreck­en­ber­ger (own place)

Some erot­ic art we will show in a sé­parée.
Space erot­icARTist:

  • Igor Amelkovich
  • Art of Dan
  • Wil­helm W. Reinke
  • Gab­ri­ele Rigon
  • Mi­chael Schreck­en­ber­ger
  • Rod Spark

The fol­low­ing artist-friends par­ti­cip­ate at the fair

  • Alice im Far­brausch (El­isa­beth Ra­foth)
  • Art of the Dark Ro­land Krawul­sky
  • Beutel­ti­er­Art (Susanne Höhne)
  • Irina Bugoslavska
  • In­fin­ite Land­scape (Fis­cher)
  • Martin Her­mel­ing
  • Lucie Kazda
  • Natalia Si­mon­en­ko

The NEW ArT Dres­den will take place to­geth­er with the room & style from 4 to 6 Janu­ary 2019 at the MESSE DRESDEN.

Place: MESSE DRESDEN, Mes­ser­ing 6, 01067 Dres­den
Time: 04.01.2019 - 3pm-10pm | 05.01.2019 - 11am-9pm | 06.01.2019 - 11am-7pm

Cata­loque NEW ArT 19

There is a cata­loque with all artists of the fair, show­ing a short­por­trait, con­tact-de­tails and an art­work of each artist.

Cata­loque, about 100 pages, 21x21 cm
Price 5,00 Euro

The cata­loque is avail­able dur­ing the fair at the en­trance and at the space of KUNST.IST!
An ex­cerpt of the cata­loque you can see here.