Offene Kunstscheune Wanzer

open art­barn the name of this-years-ex­hib­i­tion at art barn in Wan­zer.
You are in­vited to visit the ex­hib­i­tion on sunday with cof­fee and caces.

Anne Rose Bek­ker: paint­ing, wood sculp­tures as well as ceram­ics and enamels

Peter Adler: wood sculp­tures and oil paint­ings

Martin Schulze: paint­ings

Gerd Bek­ker: partly life-size paper sculp­tures an paint­ings in the style of the sculp­tures.

Loca­tion: art barn (Kun­st­sch­eune) Wan­zer, Dorf­str. 34, 39615 Wan­zer
Vern­is­sage and Party: 28.05.2023 | 1pm
Open­ing hours: 28.05.2023 - 1pm open end | 29.05.2023 - 1pm-6pm