"I paint my pic­tures with my heart!" (Achilles Tam­poulid­is)

In 2010, the artist born in Ka­ter­ini / Greece star­ted paint­ing to pro­cess a fam­ily stroke of fate. He was in­spired by im­pres­sion­ism and es­pe­cially by Claude Monet.

His artist­ic vain he in­her­ited from his grand­fath­er, who worked in Greece as a poster paint­er. He has self-taught his paint­ing tech­nique and de­veloped his own in­tu­it­ive style. So he can trans­fer his thoughts and feel­ings straight to the pic­ture.

Land­scapes, still lifes and ab­stracts are his mo­tifs, oil and can­vas his ma­ter­i­als. In his ab­stract paint­ings, he tries to make the audi­ence re­cog­nize his un­der­ly­ing hid­den­ness only at second glance.

A small se­lec­tion of his pic­tures can be seen in the Leipzig gal­lery-res­taur­ant Achilles as a per­man­ent ex­hib­i­tion.