Kunst.ist! - die neue Webseite
Kunst.ist! Zeitgenössische Bildende Kunst

As of April, 4th. 2017, Kunst.ist! is open­ing its new web­site.

The works of ten artists are now on dis­play at Kunst.ist! We show a se­lec­tion of about five art­works of each re­spect­ive artists. Other artists and works of art will fol­low in the com­ing weeks and months.

On the News page you will find our cur­rent in­form­a­tion.

The page works in­cludes a fil­ter func­tion which al­lows you to search spe­cific­ally for spe­cif­ic works of art.

The tech­nic­al and com­mer­cial data are avail­able for the in­di­vidu­al works of art. If you are in­ter­ested in a spe­cif­ic work of art or if you have ques­tions about this work and would like to see it in ori­gin­al, you can con­tact us via the func­tion "In­quiry to the work of art".

Under Artists you will be shown all ex­hib­it­ing artists in al­pha­bet­ic­al order and with a art work. To the in­di­vidu­al artists you find works, bio­graphy, ex­hib­i­tion over­view and pub­lic­a­tions (as long as we have in­form­a­tion about this)

At ex­hib­i­tions, we will point you to cur­rent, fu­ture and past ex­hib­i­tions of Kunst.ist!! or in­di­vidu­al artists.

Through the nav­ig­a­tion pub­lic­a­tions you can find all the pub­lic­a­tions of the artists or of Kunst.ist!, which can be pur­chased.

Via the menu item Kunst.ist!, we ex­plain our philo­sophy and give you tips. Here you can find in­form­a­tion about part­ners, spon­sors, par­ti­cip­a­tion as artists and the op­tion to sub­scribe to our news­let­ter. With this news­let­ter, we will in­form you about the latest top­ics of our artists and works of art at ir­reg­u­lar in­ter­vals.

If you have any ques­tions do not hes­it­ate to con­tact us.

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