Kunst ist!
Kunst.ist! Zeitgenössische Bildende Kunst

Thank you Istan­bul!

By for­tune we found the do­main-end­ing of Istan­bul at a do­main-search: .ist

And since in Istan­bul and in Tur­key ap­par­ently no one is in­ter­ested in the Ger­man word "Kunst", from today on the do­main name best suited to our pro­ject is us: www.kunst.ist 

We will see how this is what the coveted audi­ence wants.

Of course we will use the other do­main names www.kunst-ist.eu, www.kunst-ist.com, www.kun­stist.de, www.kun­stist.eu,
www.kunst-ist-kunst.eu, www.kunst-ist- Kunst.com main­tained.