The artist lives and works as a light­ing de­sign­er for theat­er in Leipzig and Dres­den. He has com­pleted his pho­to­graph­ic view by a train­ing for photo design at the Choco­cihan Academy in Ber­lin. His pho­to­graph­ic focus he puts on cutouts, shapes and col­ors.

Anke Groe­ne­wold (Neue West­fäl­is­che) about his work: Peter Paul Lorenz has a very spe­cial look, feel on the aes­thet­ics of lines and light, shapes, col­ors and con­trasts. The neck­line is al­ways care­fully chosen. His pic­tures exude clar­ity and calm, act graph­ic­ally ab­stract and tidy.